Domino's Pizza: There's an App For That

Pizza: It's not just for gaming anymore.
Pizza: It's not just for gaming anymore.

There's been a lot of pizza discussion this week. First Kermit the Frog rants about it, then Domino's Pizza launches an app for your iPad.

Called Pizza Hero, the app allows you to make your own custom pizza in the video game portion. Based on Domino's Pizza school, players will start by kneading virtual dough, before moving on to sauce, cheese, and topping placement.

With 11 levels of play, we're thinking this might just be the thing to replace our Angry Birds obsession, because what we really need is an app called Angry Pepperoni.

By the way, after you've made the virtual pizza of your dreams, you can

press a button and have Domino's make and deliver a real version. Talk

about entering the Matrix.

Watch a promo for the game here:

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