Easy Plans for the 4th: Takeout From in Northwood

Easy Plans for the 4th: Takeout From in Northwood
Photo by Flickr user kevystew

Several Northwood Village restaurants are offering to pack up your favorites to add some extra sparkle to your 4th festivities.

Head to Café Centro/Allora (2409 N. Dixie Hwy, 561.514-4070) to pick up sandwiches, salads, pastas and pizzas off its lunch menu before you venture over to the park on Dixie to take in the fireworks. No need to preorder. Entrees: $5-$7.

Supe's Jamaican (517 Northwood Rd., 561.655.6422) will stay open late and will pack-to-go any of its menu offerings, including some special roast beef, stewed beef, and fish dishes. No need to pre-order. Entrees: $12-$14.

Fresh Catch Seafood (2501 N. Dixie Hwy, 561.833.8998) is ready to pack-to-go everything on its menu from shrimp and fries super value meals, to its combo conch and shrimp platter. No need to pre-order. Restaurant will be open until 9 pm. Entrees: $9 - $15.

Other Northwood Village area restaurants packing picnics to go:

Jade Kitchen (422 Northwood Rd., 561.366.1185)

World Famous (415 Northwood Rd., 561.833.3377)

Presto's Pizza (505 25th St., 561-835.1832)

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