Epic Meal Time: The Epic Chicken Burger Combo (Video)

With 81,310 calories, this is one death-defying dinner.
With 81,310 calories, this is one death-defying dinner.
Epic Meal Time

Harley Morenstein and his epic buds are back for a little post-holiday snack, Epic Meal Time-style.

In this new...uhhhh....recipe for death and destruction, Harley and the guys round up some of fast food's best chicken burgers. Actually, they round up every chicken burger, sandwich and nugget they can find, along with fries, onion rings, burgers and gravy.

Taking a grinder and an extra large bottle of Jack Daniels, Harley and

the guys make a heart-stopping meal of the Burger Bun of Burgers (21,160

calories and 1,550 grams of fat), the Chicken Burger Merger Burger

(23,750 calories, 1,150 grams of fat), and a Super French Fry Fritter

(9,450 calories, 340 grams of fat).

Add a little cheese, a bacon

weave, mayo and take a break to do a Jack-and-gravy shot (ughh) and

you've got a total of 81,310 calories and 5,050 grams of fat in one

extra-supersized meal.

We only pray Harley has good medical insurance. Watch here:

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