Five Etsy Kitchen Finds For Closet "Nesters"

Five Etsy Kitchen Finds For Closet "Nesters"

Contrary to popular belief, getting older is pretty fantastic. By now you've moved into a nice crib, have a decent job, and maybe you've even found a life partner to go half on awesome stuff with with whom to settle down. Alternatively, you may have amassed a gaggle of cats and scored a sorbet-colored Smeg fridge that you can finally afford to keep stocked with the finest Chardonnay. (Hey, being grown up means something different to everyone.)

Either way, life is good and whether you care to admit or not, you're entering the next phase of your life -- the nesting phase. Don't fight it; embrace your intensified love for roasting whole chickens, being in bed by ten, and buying furniture that doesn't require a three-day weekend and a Swedish paperclip to assemble.

Just because your inner-Martha is surfacing faster than an Anthony Weiner nudie on Twitter doesn't mean that nesting can't be cool. Take a deep breath, take down that godawful "Live-Laugh-Love" sign from your "kitchen nook" and head to Etsy for some sweet kitchen scores.

Etsy, in case you've been living under a rock for the past eight years, is an online marketplace comprised of thousands of virtual shops that sell vintage and handcrafted items ranging from organic bath products to "upcycled" furniture. Contrary to my last statement, Etsy's sellers are not just a bunch of crusty, twenty-something hippies selling hemp bracelets and hugging it out (though I'm sure that you wouldn't be hard-pressed to find one). Instead, there are cutting-edge designers, burgeoning artists, and other creative types selling unique items that you will inevitably spend a considerable amount of your workday dreaming about. Whether you are a veteran Etsy shopper or a newbie, here are a few new kitchen gems to covet.

Five Etsy Kitchen Finds For Closet "Nesters"

5. Bowls by Nicole Porter Design ($185)

Nicole Porter Designs' products are in a word, eye candy. Fun graphics, cool designs, and pops of color can be found in all of her products which range from neon-printed wooden bowls to I "heart" Florida tea towels. Snap these puppies up soon though, Nicole Porter is becoming a hot commodity and has been featured in a variety of design magazines. With all of these Etsy and bricks and mortar, design-store mash-ups it's only a matter of time before West Elm comes knocking at her virtual shop door, starts mass producing her wares and possibly, doubling the price.

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