Five International Dishes in South Florida You Need to Try Now

Aloo gobi from Arun's Indian Kichen in Coral Springs.
Aloo gobi from Arun's Indian Kichen in Coral Springs.

In June, we introduced you to the ultimate South Florida Indian eatery: Arun's Indian Kitchen, a small takeout spot that's rated No. 1 on Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat in Broward and Palm Beach. Since opening in 2014, the restaurant has retained the highest rating on Yelp's list for the area (and is currently #16 on the user-reviewed site's Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S. for 2015).

Marked by a red sign and a single table outside the door, it's the type of place people visit once or twice a week, with locals who frequently call in orders and hundreds more who line up at the small order window in back. Here, they'll (almost) happily wait up to 45 minutes for a taste of the chef's homestyle fare.

Because everything is made to order, the first question you'll be asked is, "How hot?" Regulars know to reply on a scale of one to ten. The higher you go, the spicier it gets. That goes for the most popular dish: 
butter chicken, a classic Indian staple, consisting of buttery-soft cubes of chicken smothered in a mild, orange-tinged curry thickened from pureed almonds and seasoned with garam masala.

But this Indian restaurant isn't the only place to get great global eats in Broward and Palm Beach. From Trini snacks to homestyle Indonesian — even some awesome Ethiopian — here are five of our favorite international dishes worth exploring.

Conch roti from Priya's Roti in Coral Springs.
Conch roti from Priya's Roti in Coral Springs.
Photo by Nicole Danna

5. Order Conch Curry Roti at These Top Trini Restaurants
Sure, plenty of us have had a taste of Jamaican jerk chicken, Cuban ropa vieja, Puerto Rican mofongo, or Bahamian-style conch salad. But you haven't really lived until you've sampled the Indian-influenced fare from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Many dishes have unusual names, use exotic ingredients, and offer plenty of curry and spice.

A chicken patty.
A chicken patty.
Courtesy of Charlie's Pastries

4. Find the Area's Best Jamaican Jerk Chicken or Ackee and Saltfish
Jamaican expats looking for tastes of home have plenty of satisfying options in South Florida. Here you won't find a concentrated Caribbean corridor or "Little Jamaica" for a neighborhood selection of this nation's food, so we scoured both counties in search of the best Jamaican restaurants and found these gems scattered across neighborhoods including Lauderhill and Pembroke Pines in Broward County and Greenacres and Delray Beach up in Palm Beach County.

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