Five Weird Ice Cream Cone-Related Inventions (It's National Ice Cream Cone Day! )

Today, September 22 is National Ice Cream Cone Day.

It evokes for me the memory of a sweltering

New England summer day, circa 1978.  I

was a sweaty fat kid, brimming with predatory hunger. I gazed impatiently at

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the soft serve machine which was swirling chocolate and vanilla into

a stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth wafer cone that would soon be showered with rainbow jimmies and handed over into my pudgy

little fingers. Mine, all mine! 

And with one overzealous lick...


Five Weird Ice Cream Cone-Related Inventions (It's National Ice Cream Cone Day! ) zaps me back to present-day recalling a quote from author Jim Fiebig: "Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of

having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone." How true.


Several websites even offer step-by-step tutorials for crocheting your

very own ice cream cone shaped oven mitt (#4) and believe it or not, a cozy for your

cone. (#3)

Some of the more memorable cone-related inventions include I

ce Cream Cones cereal

from the 80s (#2), and, for lazy folk who find the act of twirling

the cone at mouth level far too exhausting a process, a motorized ice cream cone (#1) that relieves you of the arduous work; it spins the ice cream around so you need only stick out your tongue.

Made of dishwasher safe plastic, it runs on two double AA's and comes in an assortment of fun colors. Of course with a lazy tongue

like that, any adult who makes this purchase is destined

a long, lonely life and probably doesn't get out much past a late-night

run to 7-11 for another gallon of Double Mocha Chunk, anyways.  Happy


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