Food Matters: Watch The Documentary Online For Free

Food Matters: Watch The Documentary Online For Free

If you haven't already seen Food Matters, the 2008 documentary that uncovers the dangers in what we're putting into our bodies for sustenance, you should.

The movie features a host of doctors, scientists, and nutritionists sharing their insights on how illnesses and diseases like stroke, cancer, and depression can be linked to the foods we eat.

While foods are being sprayed with pesticides, injected with hormones,

and genetically modified we are losing the nutritional value in what we

eat, causing us to rely on medicine to regulate somewhat manageable

illnesses like obesity, high blood pressure, and allergies.


quarter of what you eat keeps you alive, and three quarters of what you

eat keeps your doctor alive," is one quote from the movie, which is a

much scarier thing to place on your refrigerator than that picture of

Garfield to remind you to keep your paws off the ice cream at 11 p.m.!

You can watch the entire full-length movie for free until November 30 here. And with Hostess bankrupt, now seems like a good time to take a no-junk-food oath.

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