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Jen Karetnick: When did you learn how to belly-dance?
Maja, Girl from the Nile: I'm from Cairo, so it's in my blood. But I didn't actually learn until I moved from Brazil to the United States about seven years ago. Then I became a professional.

JK: Where do you practice your art?
MGFTN: I was dancing at a place called Aladdin Cafe, but they went out of business. Now I perform at Kasbah, a Moroccan restaurant in Pompano Beach. It's very authentic -- you sit on pillows, very low to the floor, and I dance while you have your entree.

JK: Do you also teach?
MGFTN: I teach at about a dozen centers. Some of them are the Academy of Dance in Hollywood, Sundance Arts Studio in Fort Lauderdale, and the David Posner Community Center in Davie.


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JK: How much do you charge?
MGFTN: Classes run from $5 to $10, and six-week programs about $30. I teach basic belly dancing, plus finger cymbals and veil dancing.

JK: How can we wiggle our way in your direction?
MGFTN: Call me at 954-929-7155.

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