Joe Rocco

Here's a tip for handicapping the upcoming Oscars: No soup scene, no hardware. After all, Spartacus ignited the slave rebellion by drowning Marcellus in a pot of bean soup, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's Jen Yu ordered shark fin soup before destroying the tavern and everyone in it, and Forrest Gump drawled "Mama always said don't eat soup... it will put a lake in your stomach." Midnight Cowboy, Tom Jones, The Exorcist... (split pea) soup and Hollywood are inseparable. That's why you should head to Hollywood's Coral Rock Café (1840 Harrison St., 954-925-4414), where the spotlight shines on hearty, homemade daily soups like split pea, mushroom barley, and chunky vegetable. This quaint breakfast and lunch spot also serves swell sandwiches like freshly flaked tuna salad in pita bread -- soup and sandwich go together almost as well as soup and movies. Speaking of which, who can forget Dr. Frank-N-Furter flopping into the pool in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the audience yelling, "Waiter, there's a transvestite in my soup!" You're right, that didn't win an Oscar, which only proves my point -- technically speaking, there was no mention of soup in the film.

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