Hadley Hooper

You've hit upon a grand money-raising scheme for your nonprofit organization -- putting together and selling a community cookbook. Only now that you've gone to the trouble of soliciting recipes, entering them into your computer, doing a little desktop publishing, and getting the whole thing printed, you're not quite certain how to market it. What's a sure way to engender sales? Easy -- enter it in the Tabasco Community Cookbook Awards (information on the awards and previous winners can be found at or through McIlhenny Company, Attention Sheryl Dartez, General Delivery, Avery Island, LA 70513). Any cookbook published by a nonprofit organization in order to raise funds is eligible. Prizes include contributions to favorite charities and, even more important, award stickers for the books, which recipients claim is a seal of approval guaranteed to make the cookbooks sell like, well, crabcakes. And if you think going for the gusto here is a waste of resources and time, just ask the Junior League of Boca Raton, which recently took home a James Beard Award for its cookbook Savor the Moment.

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