Hadley Hooper

It might sound like a kid's movie, but the George & Dragon (4140 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, 954-568-2207) is an upscale British pub. In fact the owners call this whopping new place a "superpub" -- perhaps because it includes 4200 square feet of space and about 1000 pieces of Brit memorabilia on the walls. Or they could be using the superlative to describe the Dragon's Breath house ale, some of the strongest stuff to hit our Yankee streets in years. Or maybe it's the two bars or the plethora of live acts, which include such sterling entertainment as the Hot Rod Band -- a tribute to Rod Stewart, no less... or the traditional pub items like bangers and mash, cottage pie, and rack of lamb with mint sauce. Only time will tell whether we will be able to apply that other favorite English adjective to the George & Dragon: brilliant.

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