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Many of our local Brazilian markets and eateries serve food, but they all seem to specialize in soccer. Only Padaria 2000 (1051 Sample Rd., Lighthouse Point, 954-781-1594) seems to be more about the bread than the ball. Unless, of course, you're talking about bolinhos de queijo, or cheese balls, which are just one of Padaria's specialties. This roomy bakery and luncheonette, with a double handful of sparkling stainless steel café tables, also offers dozens of sweet rolls, cakes dusted with coconut and filled with caramel or custard, and a range of sandwiches served in red plastic baskets. Perhaps the most refreshing items during this hot, steamy season, however, are the tropical fruit-flavored drinks and sorvetes (ice creams) that will have even the biggest football hater hollering, "Gooooooal!"


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