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For the first few weeks of its existence, this new burger joint located at the corner of a Commercial Boulevard strip mall was nameless. But after careful consideration, the owners decided on an evocative appellation. Now Slammin' Patties (1501 E. Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 954-491-9995) speaks for itself, as does its half-pound cheddar burger. But I suggest adding another tag to the sign: Rockin' Dogs. For Slammin' Patties serves not only memorable burgers but also Zweigle's pop-open "red hot" dogs, which wiener connoisseurs consider the best in the biz. 'Course with all the slammin', rockin', and poppin' going on, the place is bound to get somewhat loud, but what's a little noise pollution when a Zweigle's is at stake?

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