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If, like many South Floridians, you've grown tired of snapper this and grouper that, hit Bedesse East-West Indian Foods (4060 NW 12th St., Lauderhill, 954-583-3700) for inspiration. Run by a Guyanese of East Indian descent, this vibrant market stocks plenty of foodstuffs and fish stuffs not commonly found round these parts. So while some sea products, like the frozen gilleybaka (a mild white bottom-feeder), hail from Guyanese waters, others reflect both the Caribbean Sea and the people who have settled the various islands in it. Feel like relaxing Trinidad style? The flying fish is fresh and ready to cool the afternoon for you. In an African frame of mind? Grab some smoked shrimp to flavor a stew and hope for a cold front. And on the way out, don't forget to buy some CDs featuring island rhythms so you can hear as well as taste the Caribbean experience.


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