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"I have missed you all tremendously and have decided again to follow my heart…." Sound like a letter from a lovesick suitor? From an absent mother? From a kid away at college for the first time (yeah, right)? Actually, it's the latest advertisement for the "gourmet Mexicano" restaurant Eduardo de San Angel (2822 E. Commercial Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 954-772-4731), easily one of my most favorite places on the planet. Seems that founding chef-owner Eduardo Pria, who left the establishment in the hands of his brother more than a year ago to pursue a career as the executive chef of a science fiction theme restaurant, has abandoned the stars for solid ground and returned to his namesake restaurant. Now, I'm not one to be sentimental, since I usually follow my stomach rather than my heart. And I must acknowledge that the eatery suffered not a whit during Pria's absence. But darn it, Eddie, welcome home. We missed you, too. Sniff.

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