W. Kelley Lucas

So the Terrace Oceanside (1960 S. Ocean Dr., Hallandale Beach, 954-454-9444) offers dishes such as potato gnocchi with smoked duck sausage; rib steak marinated in bourbon and juniper berries; and frozen macadamia nut soufflé with fresh tropical fruit. Big deal in this age of fusion-global-interplanetary cuisine, right? Well, yeah, if you consider that the Terrace is a kosher restaurant -- meaning that the eatery abides by some pretty stringent Jewish dietary laws that forbid serving meat and dairy at the same time. But don't feel threatened by the lack of fattening cream sauces. "Our restaurant is for anyone seeking food that tantalizes the palate," says co-proprietor Steven Newman. "The fact that we are kosher just means we are held to the highest standards of food cleanliness and preparation." OK, sounds good -- go ahead and pass the Manischewitz.

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