Hadley Hooper

If you don't know how to define Argentine pizza, then head over to Amigo's (3834 N. University Dr., Sunrise) for a look-see. Or a taste test. Like the best New York- style pizzerias, Amigo's makes pies with a thin crust, lots of tangy sauce, and high-quality mozzarella. The Argentine part comes in with the toppings, which include asparagus, artichokes, pimiento, hearts of palm, octopus, and tuna. My current favorites? Easily the Napoleon, which adds provolone cheese to the mozzarella, and the French Roquefort, a combo of blue cheese and ham. But the Pizza Del Mar -- tuna, shrimp, and anchovies -- is next on my list, and my finger is most definitely on the button preprogrammed with Amigo's number.

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