Hadley Hooper

Because Shootersville Billiards (600 N. Congress Ave., Delray Beach, 561-243-0422) is basically a sports bar, let's break it down by the numbers. Start with 30-foot-high ceilings, 21 custom-designed pool tables ($3.50 per person per hour), two 70-inch TV screens broadcasting football, and a large bar lined with 21 more sets showing... more football. (Leave your 'Canes or 'Noles jerseys at home -- this is a Florida Gators bar.) The tasty food also does well in the tale of the tape: seven types of ten-inch, brick oven­baked individual pizzas with hand-tossed herb crust ($6.95 to $8.95); a 20-ounce porterhouse steak or a half-pound fillet of salmon cooked on cedar plank and topped with fresh fruit salsa, served with steamed broccoli and a baked potato ($12.95); and finally the $7.95 Sunday special, a hefty bacon cheeseburger, pint of beer, and pool table for one hour. In more good news, Shootersville will be open for lunch starting November 1. The numbers add up to an upscale yuppie sports bar with billiards and brews and fairly priced fare that fares far better than your average pub grub.

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