Hadley Hooper

Thanksgiving isn't just about turkeys. Our craving for pies runs deeper now than at any other time of year, especially for seasonal favorites like pumpkin, pecan, and mincemeat. The pies themselves run deeper at Upper Crust Bakery (2015 N. Dixie Hwy., Lake Worth, 561-586-5456), which means that their 9-inch treats are packed with more filling than you'd usually get in a 12-incher. That's just one factor that has kept fans flocking to Rudy Quintero's little storefront bakery for 30 years. Another is quality of ingredients: The 40 varieties of pies baked daily boast flaky crusts creamed with vegetable shortening and only fresh or fresh-frozen fruits and fillings (no gelatin). Big sellers include German chocolate cream, strawberry-rhubarb, cheesecake made with French cream cheese, and an outrageous apple pie so rich with pecan-studded layers of sweet-and-sour cream that you won't need to top it with ice cream. Prices run from $7.75 to $8.75, so there's no excuse for saving your cravings just for the holidays.

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