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To the uninitiated, Rochester Hots (1051 E. McNab Rd., Pompano Beach, 954-943-9393) might sound like the name of an adult entertainment club. But rather than scantily clad females from the frozen north, the "Rochester" refers to the origin of this supercasual eatery, which owner Nelson Liberti relocated from upstate New York in March, and the "hots" is short for hot dogs. And not just any ol' dogs, either. These babies are Zweigle's pop-open hot dogs, so named because their natural casings rip open when they're charbroiled. You can get red hots, made with beef and pork, or white hots, which are like bratwurst. Savor either variety smothered in spicy meat sauce, with a side of bacon-flecked baked beans. The prices are right, too, but note one caveat: A sign in the window declares Zweigle's to be "the official hot dog of the Buffalo Bills." Dolfans, swallow your pride: These dogs are worth a little betrayal.


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