I'm a sucker for homemade pasta, but I don't necessarily want to (a) go out to a restaurant to get it, or (b) unearth the difficult-to-use pasta machine I received for my wedding. So I was delighted to discover Four Star Ravioli (2143 N. State Rd. 7, Margate, 954-974-2444), which makes its own ricotta-filled product and prepares stuffed shells, manicotti, and tortellini. You can buy 'em in ready-to-eat or make-it-yourself form, fresh or frozen; either way they take only minutes to cook. The shop also sells homemade Italian sausage and a side of semolina bread. If the kids are aspiring chefs, fresh pizza dough and homemade mozzarella are available to make your own pies. But be warned: Four Star can't be held responsible for the results.

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