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At this time of year my fancy turns to... live Maine lobster, of course. Springtime is when northern lobsters begin to shed their shells and grow new ones. That means in a month or so the soft-shell lobsters will be that much easier -- and more delightful -- to eat. Captain Mike's (1103 S. Federal Hwy., Dania Beach, 954-925-0093) is one place where I depend on getting the best Maine lobsters, any time of year. In fact, Captain Mike's stocks some great live seafood from all over the country, including blue crabs, clams, oysters, Ipswich steamers, and our very own Florida lobsters. (Call first to make sure they're in season.) What's that? You can't afford to sup so well? Fret not. Captain Mike's isn't only reasonably priced -- check out the prepared garlic crabs for $3.99 a pound -- the seafood market accepts food stamps.


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