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A cafe called Dumbell's (7895 W. Sample Rd., Coral Springs, 954-753-2649) doesn't necessarily ring the gourmet bell, or so you might think. But this cute little juice bar and eatery, while oriented toward the healthier side of life, doesn't neglect its customers' tastebuds. And while it does cater to weight-lifting meatheads (check out the protein shakes blended with two fresh fruits), it doesn't offer beef products. Instead you can order a portobello burger, topped with hummus and wrapped in a pita. Or dig into black beans and rice for a protein-starch combo. Nor do you have to eat there; though the artwork and hand-painted pottery makes the setting pleasant, the cafe's motto is, "Take a pound home and take a pound off." Now that's something even this dumbbell can live with.


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