Flu season is supposed to be over, but don't mention that to the Soup Doctor (7491 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton, 561-988-9381). This "soup bar and retail outlet" -- actually a friendly storefront deli in the Publix Boca Valley Plaza with a few tables scattered around so you can sit down and slurp some supper -- features "rotating soup prescriptions." Got a cold? The "springtime chicken vegetable" will fix you up. An urge to cheat on your diet? The broccoli 'n' cheddar is pleasantly rich, and the shrimp bisque practically sinful. A bum boyfriend/girlfriend? The beef 'n' red bean chili or the smoked sausage and roast chicken soup will no doubt keep the rat far away. The store also stocks cold pints and quarts and sells a number of salads and sandwiches. Now there's really no excuse not to go the doctor.

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