Hadley Hooper

November doesn't just mark the end of the hurricane season; it's also the high point of white truffle, or tartufo bianco, season. This highly prized mushroom, which grows underground in the hills of northern Italy, sells for about $1300 a pound. That's some luxury item. Fortunately South Floridians can try truffles for just half that price. During the annual White Truffle Festival, which will stop by South Florida in November, the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach (2800 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, 561-582-2800, extension 801) will host a truffle-infused, multicourse dinner on November 6 and a brunch the next day. An overnight, double-occupancy stay is included in the $700 fee. Of course you can always sign up just for the dinner ($125 per person) or the brunch ($50 per person). But dining is always twice as much fun when you blow your entire budget in one sitting.

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