Hadley Hooper

With its tiled walls and crowded interior dominated by deli cases, Beany's Cafe (126 NE Second St., Boca Raton, 561-392-1085) hardly looks like what it is -- a gourmet deli capable of inspired dishes such as wheatberry salad or chicken napoleon linguine (with fresh spinach and a tomato-cream sauce). Along with the more typical chicken salad or roast beef sandwiches, Beany's also makes Dijon-shallot egg salad on a croissant or a shrimp po'boy zingy with Cajun spices. Best of all, the café turns out some of the biggest baked-and-stuffed potatoes this side of Idaho. Check out one topped with homemade turkey chili -- and I do mean check out. Beany's is good enough to pack 'em in, but given its dearth of seating (two tiny tables), the café is pretty much strictly take-out.

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