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We've all been there -- single, hungry, and bored with soggy take-out. Often the only alternative is taking oneself to a good restaurant and suffering the pitying stares of other diners. Well, thanks to the Single Gourmet (PMB-555, 1291-A S. Powerline Rd., Pompano Beach, 954-723-9608), you can now "go out alone, and not be alone," as the Single Gourmet's slogan urges. A private dining club for singles who like fine food, the organization scouts restaurants for its members. Then it sponsors group dinners at the chosen eateries, where the singles are seated at age-appropriate tables. For a membership fee ($79 first year, $50 thereafter) plus dining and travel expenses, singles are also invited to other scheduled events throughout the year, such as winetastings, concerts, and trips to places like Paris. The club takes care of all the details -- all you have to do is show up.

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