In other parts of the country, barbecue season is coming to a close. But here in South Florida, we're just getting started. Particularly if you've been frequenting Emil's Sausage Kitchen (1384 S. Federal Hwy., Pompano Beach, 954-942-3944), as I have, for barbecue pickings. The butcher shop offers as many kinds of sausages as it is years old -- 45. Go for the ethnic blends -- German knockwurst, Polish kielbasa, or Italian hot pepper. And stick with the healthy kinds, made with ground chicken or turkey instead of beef and pork. Or grill the spiced, flavored varieties like the Cajun sausages. However you want your meats, you can be sure Emil's has them. But you can't ask what's in stock over the phone. "I make so many," Emil says, "I can't remember them all."

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