Are you going to Scarborough Fare (2650 N. University Dr., Sunrise, 954-746-4469)? If you're not, you should be. Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme may not be available, but the English market carries hard-to-find products, including HP brown sauce (the English ketchup), Branston pickle (marinated and chopped cauliflower and rutabaga, among other vegetables), and McVitie's milk chocolate digestives (whole-wheat cookies). The year-old shop also stocks British football mags and quaint remedies like Gripe Water, a baby-safe drug used to treat "wind and gripe" (read: gas). Proprietors Kris and Lawrence Miller already have a deli case full of Stilton and double Gloucester cheeses and a freezer stuffed with bangers (pork-and-beef sausages), but they'll soon get exclusive rights to sell certain brands of steak 'n' kidney pies and other savories. One of my favorites: the Cadbury chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts. It still is a true love of mine.

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