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I'm always looking for ways to improve my quality of life while continuing to indulge my laziness. So when I heard about Cyberchefs (, I thought I'd found the perfect solution to the work-at-home blahs: order lunch through my computer. The Cyberchefs Website downloads complete menus from local restaurants, and either a delivery service or the restaurant itself delivers. I imagined myself accessing the site, typing in what I wanted, sitting back, and waiting. And I wouldn't even have to pay in cash -- Cyberchefs accepts credit cards as a payment option. I could almost smell the pad Thai I'd planned on ordering for my first information-highway delivery experience. But when I finally logged on, I came across an interesting note: Cyberchefs charges $19.95 a month for the service. Seeing that, I decided not to order. But when I called Cyberchefs (888-763-8769), I found out that the charge was for restaurants participating in the service, not customers. So I have one suggestion when checking out the new Website: Proceed with caution.

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