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Dim sum, the Chinese dumplings and finger foods served from metal carts, has long been popular for brunch and lunch. But now you can inhale authentic goodies like beef ball with bean curd skin, sticky rice in lotus leaf, turnip pudding, and steamed chicken feet (along with the more familiar spring rolls and pan-fried dumplings) for dinner at Yeung's Mandarin House (1201 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, 954-561-1888). One drawback: no carts. The dim sum, listed on the menu, is made strictly to order. But while the fun element of this traditional buffet-on-wheels might be missing, at least you'll be assured of two things: One, the fare is fresh; and two, you won't be unpleasantly surprised by something that looks like a dumpling on a steaming cart but turns out to be beef tripe instead.


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