Fork & Balls Looks to Be Another Victory for the Restaurant People

The Spicy Italian includes piquant pork balls.
The Spicy Italian includes piquant pork balls.

A new restaurant opens its door nearly every day of the week. Most, however, go completely unnoticed by the majority of the population.

That's certainly not the case with the Restaurant People's bars and eateries. Owners Tim Petrillo, Peter Boulukos, and Alan Hooper have a flair for bringing trendy eateries to the networking-happy, upwardly mobile, young pros of Fort Lauderdale. With several wildly popular restaurants under their collective belt, one could call them to the Pied Pipers of Las Olas bar scene. From Himmarshee Street's happy-hour institution Tarpon Bend to people-watching mecca YOLO to chef-driven beachfront S3, the team has managed to draw crowds from across the city.

Their latest venture, Fork & Balls, seems to have already done the same. The meatballcentric bar and restaurant has been consistently drawing hour-plus waits since opening day.

Is it just the hype? Or is the divergent concept here to stay?

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