Giant, Affordable Dishes at Medellin Colombian Fusion

Colombian food is hearty fare, and Medellin — an attractive restaurant on the edge of Coral Springs — is no exception. Here, the platos tipicos are loaded with the kind of meaty, starchy fare to keep you going all day long. Bandeja paisa, Colombia's national dish, is represented here with a thin-pounded steak and choice of chicharron (fried pork skin) or chorizo (spicy sausage), plus a fried egg, guacamole, and a dump truck's worth of rice and stewed red beans. The only thing missing: a pillow for the nap you'll need after. Beef, chicken, or cheese empanadas are great and come with a rustic green-onion salsa for dipping. The fusion part of the name comes into play in plates of garlic- and wine-marinated grilled chicken (with equally huge portions) and giant fillets of red snapper smothered in vibrant criollo sauce (an aromatic tomato sauce). The most expensive entrée costs $17, plus there are plenty of sandwiches, salads, and cheap lunch options. Meaning Medellin will leave your wallet as full as your stomach.


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