Good Karma

Joe Rocco

We've been waiting. And not patiently either. But Karma (4 W. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 954-609-6369), the new bar/lounge that the owners of Canyon Restaurant promised us nearly a year ago, has finally debuted, and it's everything we wanted it to be: Trendy, with molded plastic and metal furniture in colors that would have looked good in the Brady Bunch household had the Bradys actually been cool. Hot, with dance music spun by the area's most à la minute DJs. And, we might mention, despite the age bias implied, for adults only. The club allows only those who are 21 and over to enter, which means you are sure to be in the company you crave rather than the kind you get stuck with. Las Olas Boulevard has long been touted as Fort Lauderdale's answer to South Beach, but only with the addition of Karma are we finally getting what we deserve.

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