Grow an Awesome Mustache, Win Prizes From Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar

You don't have to be able to grow your own 'stache in order to win.
You don't have to be able to grow your own 'stache in order to win.
makelessnoise via Flickr Creative Commons

Just when you thought it was safe to shave the ironic 'stache, restaurateur Rocco Mangel provides cash incentive to cultivate a good soup strainer. In anticipation of the Cinco de Mayo celebrations at all four of his South Florida Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar locations, Mangel has announced a mustache contest with cash prizes awarded to the "best" or "most creative" 'staches.

"Anyone with a mustache already has an upper hand, obviously," Mangel said of the competitive dynamics. But the contest-loving tequila pusher doesn't want lack of preexisting facial hair to keep anyone

-- including the ladies -- from participating in the contest.

"Females are 100 percent allowed to enter," Mangel said, noting that fake mustaches are permitted. Aside from a rule that mustaches must not be offensive in any way, the field is wide open for things such as "shaving the Rocco's Tacos logo into facial hair" or using a tattoo 'stache. Word to the wise: Handlebar mustaches are the seeded favorites.

A winner at each Rocco's Tacos location will get $250, and the overall winner for all four stores nabs an extra

$250 plus $500 in Rocco's Tacos and Tequila Bar gift certificates. Entrants should post an image of their mustaches on the Rocco's Tacos Facebook

page prior to the contest, but you must be present at a Rocco's Tacos location on May 5 to be eligible

to win. Because Mangel will choose the winners himself, participants may choose to

follow him on Twitter

to see where he is throughout the day and night (it's tradition for the

restaurateur to travel via party bus from locale to locale and keep

fans posted of his progress).

In anticipation of the Cinco de Mayo festivities, Mangel and his staff members are growing their own mustaches with a prize being awarded to the team member with the best cookie duster. Mangel credits one the waiters at his Fort Lauderdale store for dreaming up the contest.

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