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Haute Chocolate

You're so thoughtful to think about giving your sweetie a heart-shaped gift filled with Valentine's Day chocolates. But keep in mind, it's what's inside the box that counts -- meaning, you're not going to arouse much passion with goo-filled chocolates picked up at Walgreens no matter how bright red the box may be. Head instead to Chocolates by Mr. Roberts (505 NE 20th St., Boca Raton, 561-392-3007) and choose from an assortment of full-bodied candies handcrafted by owner and veteran Swiss chocolatier Heinz Goldschneider. For 22 years, Boca residents have flocked here for all manner of pralines, caramels, and nut clusters. But it's Mr. Roberts/Goldschneider's distinctive truffles, which burst with flavors like orange, coffee, and the deepest of dark chocolate, that elicit the most rapturous praise. Hand your honey a heart filled with these seductive little bonbons and her heart will be touched by your exquisite taste.

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