Sandra Lee is scarier than a litter of zombie kittens.
Sandra Lee is scarier than a litter of zombie kittens.
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Have a Very Sandra Lee Halloween (Video)

Halloween's all about scary creatures -- vampires, werewolves, zombies, and Sandra Lee. While others may choose undead creatures, ghosts, and goblins as their favorite fright -- we're sticking with the soul-sucking Lee to bring us to our knees.

Don't believe us? We've complied five of Lee's most gruesome Halloween clips. Bring the booze (you're going to need it) and enter the frightful alternate universe of Sandra Lee.

5. Sandra Lee as Liza with a Z... and Madonna... and Marilyn Monroe. The only costume Lee doesn't wear is the one she should -- mental patient in a straitjacket.


Using only a microwave, food coloring, and the souls of millions of unborn kittens, Sandra Lee shows you how to make fun pumpkin-faced strawberry treats.

3.  Aunt Sandy dresses like a gypsy and gets you drunk on supersweet orange crap... garnished with licorice and topped with black vodka. Actually, we wish we had a nutty, drunk, hot aunt at holiday gatherings.

2.  Sandra Lee as Cher gives us the most valuable kitchen tip ever -- don't let your wig catch fire.

1.  Sandra Lee dresses as Mother Nature and dances with a skeleton in this clip, clearly demonstrating a political message about global warming... Actually she was probably just nipping at the cooking sherry (and vodka) again.

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