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Here Comes the Sunfish

In the restaurant biz, passing your first anniversary means you have a chance of making it. Going 'round for another year? You're obviously doing something right. Three times for the hat trick? Kudos, congrats, hooray. But if you ask Tony Sindaco, chef-proprietor of Sunfish Grill (2771 E. Atlantic Blvd., Pompano Beach, 954-788-2434), the fourth anniversary means well, folks, time to move. That's right: After celebrating numero quattro on April 9, the quaint -- and very small -- grill is looking for new quarters. Sindaco isn't saying where, but he does note, "We want to buy a free-standing building and take the next step. We don't want to spend a million on a lease and then try opening a bunch [of restaurants]. We prefer to own and concentrate on that one." Sounds good -- as long as Sindaco lets us know where exactly it is he's going to sun himself, of course.


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