Here's How to Make Justin Timberlake's "Soup and Thai"

Here's How to Make Justin Timberlake's "Soup and Thai"

Forget Timberlake-as-tofu ladies. We know you like a little spicy meat with your JT fix.

We found a recipe for "Soup and Thai". It's a most-excellent "Manwich", made from Justin Timberlake's most memorable moments.

The ingredients? A "Corn-Biel" bun; five pieces of bok choy (one for each

member of 'NSYNC); ramen noodles (representing JT's curly locks); and

some sexy back ribs.

The result? One delicious sandwich...and one kick-ass video:

Here's the actual recipe, courtesy of

Package of Ramen Noodles

BBQ Ribs (boneless)

Bok Choy

Cornmeal Bun

Peanut Sauce

1. Layer bok choy on cornmeal corn-Biel bun
2. Add BBQ ribs
3. Top with ramen noodles and peanut sauce

4. Dip sandwich into ramen soup (using some smooth dance moves taken from JT himself)

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