Herman Cain Sings About Pizza

Herman Cain still has a relationship with pizza.
Herman Cain still has a relationship with pizza.

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain is turning into the breakout candidate for the Republican nod in 2012.

The former head of Godfather's Pizza is now best-known for his proposed 9-9-9 tax plan that would have all Americans paying a flat business, income, and sales tax of 9 percent.

Cain has also written two books, hosted radio talk shows, and worked as a civilian for the Navy. 

But did you know that Cain can sing? 

The Omaha World-Herald

found a video of Cain at the 1991 Omaha Press Club show. In the clip,

Cain dons a gospel robe and, to the tune of John Lennon's "Imagine," shows us a world where there are only tacos, KFC, and burgers. 


join us as Clean Plate Charlie asks the musical question, "What's worse

than a world without a tea party?" Imagine a world without... pizza!

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