Hot Stuff Grille Dishes Upscale Fast Food in Plantation

Hot Stuff hits you where you need it when you crave an American-style comfort meal. High-quality fast food available from a drive-through window or via walkup, and it serves breakfast all day long? No downside to that.  Among the customer-is-king benefits: a sausage/egg hoagie with a quarter pound of cheese and onions at 10 p.m. or chili, clam chowder, and a pepperoni pizza stick for breakfast. Cupcakes for lunch. Granny's chicken parm hoagie whenever you want. Forty-four varieties of canned soda pop. You can go crazy in this place — they should consider dispensing medication. Of course, they do — in the form of corn dogs on a stick. Slightly fancy for fast food but friendly and family-owned, Hot Stuff Grille has already hosted wrestling matches and hot-dog-eating contests. They never used to let Plantation have this much fun.


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