How to Make Your Own Bong 'O Lantern (Video)

How to Make Your Own Bong 'O Lantern (Video)

Halloween is right around the corner and, of course, you bought a pumpkin. Congratulations.

But what, exactly do you do with it? Well, you could carve it, you could paint it, or you could turn it into something useful, like a Bong 'O Lantern.

It's actually pretty easy to make. Just follow this easy tutorial by a walking cannabis plant that does a mean Jack Nicholson imitation.

Oh, besides a pumpkin, you'll need a few things, like a metal turkey baster; a flexible cutting board; a hot glue gun; two battery operated tea lights; two large nails; a tin can; a drill; a tea ball; and some bottled water.

Got your materials together? Great. Here's how to make your own Bong 'O Lantern:

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