Nando's dinner for dictators.
Nando's dinner for dictators.

Hussein, Amin, Gaddafi Star in Nando's South African Chicken Commercial (Video)

You know that game where you pick five people living or dead to have over for dinner? We'd love to break bread with Marilyn Monroe, Anthony Bourdain, Ernest Hemingway, Julia Child, and Abraham Lincoln.

South African chicken restaurant Nando's thinks it would be awesome to have a nice holiday dinner... with a bunch of nasty dictators.

In a recent commercial that's been getting a lot of heat, we see some really nasty guys out for a romp in the sun.

Actors portraying bad guys Pieter Willem Botha (South Africa), Idi Amin (Uganda), Saddam Hussein (Iraq), Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Muammar Gaddafi (Libya), and Chairman Mao (China) chase one another through fields, have water-gun fights, and sing karaoke (watch for a Mao cameo in this scene) while '70s tune Those Were the Days plays in the background.

We realize this is all a flashback, as poor President Mugabe sits alone at his table in Zimbabwe -- all of his friends gone. The payoff? An announcer hawks Nando's six-pack meal "because no one should be alone for the holidays."

Even crazier is Nando's contest in which you're asked to tweet the five people (living, dead, or executed) you'd like to have dinner with. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  (#Mealfor6)

Watch after the jump and tell us what you think. Is this an inspired spoof or in poor taste?

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