Inedit in Hollywood: Tapas and A Show

Inedit in Hollywood: Tapas and A Show

You never know what you might find inside Inedit, the Spanish restaurant that opened in late 2012 where Jorge Luis Fernandez's La Barraca once stood.

On weekends you'll find black-clad guitarists, furiously slapping their instruments and a flamenco dancer in a flowing navy-blue dress clapping and stomping with the beat. On a weeknight, however, you might be the only dining in the 200-seat restaurant, as we found ourselves on one visit.

Owner Jose Varela says he and his brother Luis opened the space to show off Spanish cuisine, in both traditional form and the modern interpretations that in recent years have made the country the culinary world's obsession. Inedit's one-page, double-sided menu is mostly tapas, small plates of charcuterie and seafood.

Read the full review of Inedit here.

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