Jonathan's Corner in Boca Raton: Dependable Pizza, Friendly Service

The pizza market in Boca Raton is well-saturated, so how does one make an impression in this cluttered pie landscape? Jonathan's Corner's approach seems to focus on the consumer's wallet above all else. The daily specials are pretty generous — the "grand opening" buy-one, get-one deal on large cheese pizza continued months after the doors first opened — and should make it a favorite among the college crowd. The food itself is a fairly middle-of-the-road affair. Garlic bread is crispy and pungent with fresh seasonings but is absolutely drenched in butter. The pizza has a nice crust, but the toppings, including the cheese, toe the line between subtle and bland. The dining room has a pleasant enough atmosphere, and the service is gracious, with the pizza maker himself coming out to serve the pie and plate our first slices.


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