Like the Real Thing, Crack Pie Has Foodies Addicted

Crack pie: Do not try to smoke this.
Crack pie: Do not try to smoke this.
Photo by Flicker user gastrodamus

In case you've been in a cave and haven't seen it, the foodie talk about Crack Pie is burning up the net.

The pie's the product of David Chang's Momofuku's Bakery and Milk Bar in Manhattan, where it sells for a very cool $44 per pie.But: It's legal and gives a high of a perfect sort, once those endorphins rush around after the first unctuous bite.

What's it like? Pecan pie, sort of, without the nuts. Only more buttery, richer (eight egg yolks - oh my!) and a silken texture, all settled neatly into an oatmeal cookie crust.

Want to try your hand at it? I've tweaked the recipe to correct early versions out there. This one's not too tough and comes mighty close to the real deal - but won't cost you $40 to ship.

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