Livin' La Vida Peruana

Joe Rocco

If you need more proof that Broward County's demographics have become increasingly South American, head to La Bodega (3800 N. University Dr., Sunrise, 954-741-2626). This family-oriented Peruvian grill and market provides a whole rotisserie chicken with French fries, salad, and Inca cola for $8.99. But this clean, quick-service eatery has Boston Market and El Pollo Tropical beaten in more than price terms. Check out the freezer at the end of the counter. In it, find tropical fruit-flavored ice creams that range from mango to papaya to guanabana. Behind the counter, various home-baked goods supply even more sugar for the sweet tooth. So even if you can't get your kids to actually sample the chicken, you can at least keep them quiet while you expand your culinary horizons -- and concurrently shrink your waistline.

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