Lunch Bag Art: From Spock to Star Wars

Earlier we shared with you the top ten best lunch boxes you could buy your kids for back to school. And sure, you could do that if you don't love them enough to make them yourself.

Since 2008 dad Derek Benson has been decorating his kids boring brown paper lunch bags and documenting the master pieces on his Tumblr, LunchBagArt. Sometimes he comes up with the designs himself and other times his kids make requests.

Benson says that while most of the bags just end up getting thrown out -- or pilfered by teachers -- some of the best bags get pressed flat and put in the Drawer of Honor and Glory.

He's done everything from the usual children's cartoon characters...

Lunch Bag Art: From Spock to Star Wars

To more grown-up cartoons his kids probably weren't even alive for...

Lunch Bag Art: From Spock to Star Wars


To classic geek fan art...

Lunch Bag Art: From Spock to Star Wars

He's not the only dad doodling on lunch bags. (And it does seem to be mostly dads. Moms, pretty lame.) Over on Lunch Sack Poetry dad and husband Kermit Mulkins sends his daughter and his wife off with not only drawings but original poems. And Wander Monster Rob Kimmel sends his son to school with a half finished comic which his son finishes.

If you already do the same for your precious progeny -- or plan to start -- you can send Benson a link to your Tumblr or Facebook page at You can also check out his Facebook, his Twitter, and even his store.

But you don't have to be an amazing artist, a professional graphic designer, or the greatest parent in the world. A few stick figures standing in front of a crudely drawn house waving hello would warm the cockles of any child's heart. Or, ya know, just buy them a lunch box from the store. Whatever.

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