Mango Farm Tour at Erickson Farms Sunday -- a Family Day Out

Mango Farm Tour at Erickson Farms Sunday -- a Family Day Out

The 99-year-old Erickson Farms in Canal Point opens its gates to the public on Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., for its annual Farm Tour. The free tour features rides among the mango groves -- 40 acres of them -- and around the other tropical trees growing on the other 20 acres.

Kim Erickson, one of the family members who now runs the farm, says the mango crop was late because of the weather this year, but there are trees and fruits in abundance now.
The farm also has lychee, longan, carambola, avocado, sapodilla, and other tropical fruits, sold to the public when available.

If you miss the free tour, which features mango sampling, tree sales, tractor rides, and more, the Farm Stand here will be open Friday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., during mango season.

(Note: Do not bring mangoes or animals to the farm.)

Erickson Farm is at 13646 U.S. Highway 441, Canal Point.
Directions: Southern Boulevard (State Road 80) west through Belle Glade. At State Road 700

(Conners Highway), follow the posted detour to make a right turn on

Hatton Highway (a blinking light). Follow Hatton Highway back to State Road

700 to the town of Canal Point (a blinking light). Follow the road past

the Post Office, as it curves around Lake Okeechobee. About one mile north

of the town, the farm is on the right side of the road -- look for a

blue roof and white sign, with mango trees across the road from it.

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