Mario Batali Breaks the Bed on The Chew

Maybe it's time to take the gun and leave the cannoli, Mario.
Maybe it's time to take the gun and leave the cannoli, Mario.

In an obvious homage to stoners disguised as a holiday slumber party, The Chew co-hosts clowns wear pajamas and tumble into communal beds to eat General Tso's chicken out of Chinese takeout containers.

No... we're not stoned ourselves. It actually happened, and we'll never be the same after witnessing it.

At first, we were confused when we tuned in... Why is Mario Batali wearing a plaid dress? Then we realized it was a robe. And that everyone was wearing PJs.

Because when you're a group of adults who have absolutely nothing in common other than a shared sense of shame in your career choice and hatred for your agent, you get together in your PJs and hang out in front of a camera.

Like they say in the infomercials... but wait... there's more!

As Mario Batali climbs into bed with Michael Symon, the bed collapses. Seriously. We can't make this shit up, believe us. We're totally not that creative.

Watch Batali realize he needs to get both HCG injections and a new booking agent after the jump:

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